Walt Disney:Early Life


   Walt Disney was born on December 5th, 1901. He was born in Chicago, Illinois and his full name is Walter Elias Disney. He was named after his father's minister friend, Walter.He had 3 older brothers and 1 younger sister. His brothers' names were Herbert, Raymond, and Roy, and his sister's name was Ruth.

   When he was young, his family moved to a  48 acre farm in Marceline, Missouri. This is the place where he got his inspiration. The animals on the farm gave him his inspiration. One day, he was alone on the farm when he found a bucket of tar. He picked up a stick and started to paint tar onto a side of the barn. He drew a sow, Porker, on the side. His father didn't much appreciate this, so Walt got a beating. Walt learned that he shouldn't paint on the house, so he started to draw on toilet paper. 

World War I

    During World War I, Walt's older brother, Roy, joined the army. Walt thought he should too, but the recruiter rejected him for being too young. He then changed his passport birthday from 1901 to 1900. He became an ambulane driver for the American Red Cross in France. After recent battles, he would find helmets and sell them as souvenirs to soldiers going home. He would also draw badges on the soldiers' leather jacket.

   After World War I ended, Walt began to work at the Kansas City Film Ad Company. He met a guy named Ub Iwerks. Eventually, they quit at the Kansas City Film Ad Company and  started a business of their own. It was callled the Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists.  They would make short, cartoon commercials for companies.